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How it works

We simplified the way to buy website traffic for our customers. In just minutes you can use our traffic generator to start getting thousands of visitors to your website.

What you get

The traffic booster helps to decrease your website bounce rate, improve user engagement, and improve page views from different sources like direct, organic, social. Using our geo targeted organic traffic you can boost your Google Analytics metrics.

It is completely safe for Google Adsense, because we do not click on any ads while page visits.

We can guarantee you the traffic shown in Google Analytics. You may turn to different traffic counters, but we are not responsible for them.

Up to 5,000,000 visits per month

1 hit amounts to 1 page view, and every unique visitor might bring you up to 10 hits per one site session.

Return rate control

Choose the return visitor rate you rely on and want to see at your site. You are free to indicate from 0% to 100%.

Bounce rate control

Decide on and set the bounce rate you need for your resource. We don’t limit you; so, choose from 0% to 100%.

Session Time Control

With a free account you can count on the limited waiting period for every page – from 5 up to 30 seconds. By getting a paid project, you are guaranteed to have more advantages and options.

Desktop / Mobile Traffic

That is you who determine the traffic, depending on your device and site needs. We provide 3 categories of cheap website traffic: desktop, mobile, and mixed.

Direct / Organic / Social / Referral

You are able to select the traffic type for your project by making it direct, organic, social, or referral.

Our mission

Our mission is to make traffic available to everyone. We want absolutely any network user without any skills to be able to receive the best traffic from the network at any time without pain.

PRO service for all

We create professional tools for everyone. We believe that everyone should use convenient and functional tools. - professional tool for website traffic boost - professional tool for website traffic boost

Affordable costs

We are convinced that services for professionals can be affordable for everyone. It is not necessary to set inflated prices even for unique tools like TrafficBooster, so this service will be available to everyone

Agile pricing

We have designed plans to suit everyone's needs. We work from novice webmasters to pro corporate clients. You can try our demo plan 'MASTER 100,000 visits' for free next 48 hours!

billed monthly

Frequently Asked Questions

We've gathered together most common questions our customers ask

Yes! It is automated traffic generated with real web browser sessions; We guarantee that you will see the traffic in your Google Analytics. The only thing we don't guarantee - purchases of your products or services.

Most of our users want to increase traffic to their websites or improve the traffic metrics of their resources. We can help you to decrease bounce rate, increase user engagement rate, fix your return users rate, boost your traffic volume from different sources like organic, social or direct. We work with almost every important aspect of traffic.

If you're only here for getting free traffic to your website, you should dispose the domain that isn’t presented in our database. If you have shorteners, affiliate or redirect links, please, turn to paid projects. Free versions don’t assume the needed functions.

Yes! It’s absolutely safe for pay-per-click programs because we avoid clicking on ads. In case of AdSense, we won’t even load ads so by default you will not see any impressions there.

Bounce rate constitutes a percent of visitors who looked through one page and then closed it without continuation. It’s worth saying that the higher rate you have, the less traffic you get.That is because the browser page is closed very quickly, and additional page views are not calculated for this visit.

You can tell us to use any Bounce rate you need, from 0% to 100%. This parameter can be changed in your project's settings page.

We can’t give you a particular answer to this question since the average bounce rate comes to 30-70%. For this reason, we recommend you to take a closer look at rivals’ sites in order toanalyze an optimal parameter for your sphere. For example, your site is while your rival is Google is very famous, being at the top of the search (open the service to make sure of it). So, its bounce rate amounts to 43%. It means that you can take this rate as an approximate one.

Google works in the following way that sites with more traffic are ranked higher. Therefore,cheap website traffic in Google Analytics may assist in improving your ranking. Still, as nobody can be really aware of strict algorithms, we can’t ensure you definite results and ranking positions.

When you have this kind of traffic, it means that all your visitors will have Alexa Bar turned on. We believe that it’s helpful for your Alexa Rank. However, you should consider that you would better have your Alexa Rank certified in order to be sure in the guaranteed results.

If you have an active and certified Alexa Rank, we ensure improvement in your ranking. It’s explained by the work of It supposes that you own Alexa traffic counter set at your site, that’s why tracks traffic of your resource. If you don’t have this counter,traffic and other visit shows are not estimated by Alexa.

Yes, we work with adult category websites and gladly offer to them our cheap targeted websitetraffic.

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