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How to Get More Website Views: Ads vs Traffic Generators

For any website, users must visit it constantly. Ideally, of course, the influx of users should be formed from both regular visitors and new customers. So you will be provided with sales growth and a high ranking in search engines. But there really aren't many ways to send traffic to your website. Today, webmasters and site owners are arguing about the effectiveness of two main approaches to increasing traffic:

  • Advertisements,
  • Special traffic generators.

Let's compare and find out how to get more website views with their help.

Merits of Proper Advertising Campaign

Ads seem to be the most evident way how to get free traffic for your site. Advertising actively helps to promote your products and services, it can take both obvious and hidden forms. The field of digital marketing today offers many options for promotional websites and increasing sales through advertising campaigns. And this is one of the brightest aspects of advertising. In addition, through advertisements, virtually any message can be conveyed and audience coverage can be increased. But there is a peculiarity, which is the main disadvantage of using advertising to increase website traffic.

Cons of Advertising as a Traffic Generation Process

What is the main disadvantage of advertising? The fact is that it does not really provide free traffic for the site. Here lies one of the main secrets: free advertising is usually ineffective, and the one that gives a good effect is expensive and requires constant budget injections.

Merits of Traffic Generators

What can be said about modern webmaster tools, that is, special software for generating traffic? With it, you can get real visitors to your website. It is a fact. And the advantages of this method are several features at once:

  • The speed of increasing traffic. Advertising takes time to start working. For a traffic generator, time is not important, because it uses databases that are already available. That is, you do not have to wait until people see the ad and click on the link.
  • Ability to customize traffic. Modern traffic generators do not just bring you a large number of users, they can customize them to supply you with cold traffic, targeted traffic, and users who can execute the scripts you need on the site.

And, of course, the cost of using traffic generators is much more loyal than an advertising campaign. And some services also have a free period when you can use their features free.

Cons of Traffic Generators

There is, of course, a fly in the ointment in the use of traffic generators. First of all, it is a need to be on the alert and know how to check a site’s traffic. This is necessary so that you are not deceived by dishonest creators of such services. You can use a special traffic checker for a website for free to make sure that you are provided with exactly the volume of visitors that the developers of the traffic generator claimed. In addition, the type of traffic also plays a role. You don't need fake traffic that will turn on search engine crawlers against your site, do you? Therefore, be sure to read website traffic reviews to choose reliable traffic generation software providers.


Both methods of driving traffic to the site can work in your favor in parallel. But do not consider advertising as the main one. This is an expensive and patient way. Unlike advertising, traffic generators work instantly, but they require control because there are many fraudsters among the developers of such software. So keep track of all traffic changes so as not to be deceived.