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Website Unique Visitors and Several Hints on How to Increase Their Number

Each day your website is visited by some people. Is it so, or are you still not sure about your site’s popularity? Do you know what is real traffic for a website? If these words are still Terra incognita for you, let’s dwell a bit into the problem!

Who Are Real Website Visitors?

What is the essence of creating any site, whether it is a banal business card, a landing page, or a full-fledged eCommerce site? Of course, its purpose is to make people visiting it and to post any information. Why do you need a website if no one knows about it, and no one visits it? By analogy with an abandoned house, such a site will gradually fade and fall into disrepair. Search robots will not show it, it will fall into the shadowban of search engines, and the further, the worse - sooner or later you will have to quit it.

How to avoid this terrible perspective? We could now tell you tales about posting interesting content, promoting a site on social media, and other obvious things. But the result is the same - until you have a regular influx of real website visitors, there is no need to talk about popularity and prosperity.

Such an influx of users over a certain period of time is called traffic. This is a quantifiable parameter that is important for analytics and reporting, and in a global sense, for your prosperity. In this case, the traffic may be different.

  • Organic traffic is real users who visit your site. They may get to it as a result of Google search results or direct links to your site, but the result is the same - these are real people who are interested in your offer.
  • Non-organic traffic is a product of the webmaster's work. This is traffic from the work of contextual advertising. It is less valued but gives no less productive result — sales.
  • Cold traffic is one of the most important types of traffic. This term refers to unique users who came to your site for the first time. In fact, this is an indicator of the influx of your potential customers.

Warm traffic is those who have already visited your site before and decided to repeat their experience again. These may be your customers, those who did not dare to make a purchase before, or were not interested in your offer when they first visited.

Be that as it may, all these categories form real traffic to the website. But there is also fake traffic - generated using bots and special algorithms that imitate the activities of people on the Internet. Such traffic is actually useless for the site owner, but useful for those who sell it, because it is comparable to selling air. So it is better to avoid it if your goal lies in real income, not in vanity fair.

How to Increase Them With No Expenses or for Low Costs

When you need to get real traffic, you can choose two paths. One is longer and more complex. It includes proper SEO and thorough advertising, and lots of expenses for digital marketing and PR. Another offers a simpler solution. That is a free traffic service to increase the number of cold traffic using special toolsets. That is real traffic, not a fake one. It is provided by a special website visitor generator that allows your potential audience to get access to your website. Be sure that you can use both these methods and the result will be even more profitable for you.